Thursday, January 27, 2011

National Chocolate Cake Day

For all you chocoholics out there, today, January 27th, should put a smile on your face because it is "National Chocolate Cake Day." Any excuse to eat chocolate is OK with me. It also happens to be my Grandson's 18th Birthday and when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted - to my surprise he said chocolate. So I looked through my recipes for one given to me by my neighbor many years ago. I used to make it for my son when he was young. Found it!

Chocolate Cake (Moist)  

2 C flour                           1/2 C sour milk
2C sugar                           2 eggs
1 stick oleo                        1 tsp soda
1/2 C shortening              1 tsp vanilla
1 C water                         3 TBL cocoa

Mix in sauce pan - butter, shortening, cocoa and water. Bring to boil. Pour over flour and sugar and mix. Add other ingredients and mix well.
Bake in shallow pan 20 - 25 min.


Melt 1 stick butter
4 TB. cocoa
6 TB milk

Melt this mixture. Add 1 tsp. vanilla and enough powdered sugar to spread.
(about 1 box powdered sugar, add a little more if too runny)



New pond to be installed

Fairy Garden

The fairy garden is coming along fine. The grandchildren love hearing all the folklore about the plants in the garden, such as the foxglove which the fairies use for their clothes. Then there is the thyme that is a must for them to sleep upon. One evening as the fireflies started to appear, my grandson got very excited and was sure he saw the fairies moving about the garden. We watched and listened as we talked about how the fairies love to dance and needed the light to see and the bluebells provided their music. We also placed some jewels about the garden because they like shiny objects, but made sure we did not add any metal items. We also added a gazing ball because as you know fairies are very vain! It is a great way to get the kids involved with gardening and add a little adventure at the same time.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden
Another view of the garden

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden
View of my Fairy Garden